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VaporSmiths $53.91 $5.95 Read Review

VaporSmith flavors, regular discount coupons, and prompt no hastle shipping have made VaporSmith’s a regular favorite. The smooth and mellow flavor of Turkish and crisp coffee companion of the Classic cartridge gain VaporSmiths loyalty.

ProSmoke $59.99 $5.90 Read Review
V2 Cigs $59.95 $5.65 Read Review
Bull Smoke $59.00 $5.95 Coming Soon
Smoke Frii $79.95 $5.95 Read Review
Blu Smoke $79.95 $5.95 Read Review


E Cigarette Starter Guide

Thousands of people are searching for a way to quit smoking tobacco related products. The E-cigarette is one way for people to wean themselves off of tobacco products, while still enjoying the activity of smoking. Selecting an electronic cigarette may sometimes be an overwhelming process. There are so many options from which to choose. This beginners guide is designed to help individuals research products and select the product hat is right for their specific needs.

The electronic cigarette market is quickly growing and the options have diversified. Most companies offer starter kit ships with batteries, packages of cartridges (or cartomizers), and at least one charger. These provide the sensation of smoking a real tobacco product. Flavors are, classic, sweet, light and are very similar to smoking pipe or cigarette tobacco.

The e liquid is located in the cartridge at the tip of the e cigarette. When it is in use, the battery will activate a heating element called the “atomizer.” The atomizer vaporizes the smoking liquid and delivers a smooth, satisfying flavor to the user. E-cigarettes are odorless and do not use flame or fire. Usage is socially accepted in most communities where regular cigarette smoking is banned. I have personally vaped on a subway and, back when I worked in a cubicle, could use the USB adapter at my desk. None of my coworkers, or the CEO, were bothered by this activity (or cloud of vapor hovering above).  Follow the steps below to select the smoking kit that is right for you.

Step One - The Starter Kit Selection Process

Once a consumer makes an initial decision on the brand, the next step is selecting a starter kit. There are many varieties offered in the selection process. The kits usually come with one re-chargeable battery, an assortment of accessories, cartomizers and high powered chargers. It is highly recommended to purchase the kit that has two batteries. This will allow consumers to keep one battery charging at all times. A pass through USB cigarette is included in most all kits. A USB cigarette can be directly powered into a computer if no other power system in available.

Step Two - The Selection of Batteries

Varying brands have different color LED bulbs at the tip. I have seen green, blue, pink, red and white. I feel most comfortable using any other color than red for fear someone may think it is a real cigarette when using indoors. Most batteries are white in colors with subtle, horizontal stripes that are found on a traditional cigarette. When the e cigarette is inhaled, the appearance of the tip of the begins to glow. If a consumer chooses a kit with two batteries, or purchases an extra battery, the availability of the smoking device is extended. Most batteries are automatic and begin producing vapor when the user inhales, or “draws,” from the device. Manual batteries are operated with a switch that starts the vapor action. Automatic batteries utilize about 25% more power, but the switch action is not necessary. When using the VaporSmiths e cig, I have noticed the manual switch immediately produces more vapor compare with the automatic.

Step Three - The Cartridge Selection

Cartridges contain absolute no tobacco and versions can be ordered that are free of nicotine. Though many consumers look forward to being nicotine free, it is recommended that the user smoke the same strength as the regular cigarette that they are used to. There are usually varying levels of nicotine, starting with none, then extra light, light, full, to heavy. Some people prefer to purchase an e cigarette product that is stronger than their regular cigarette to help with the adjustment of quitting tobacco products. I did not find this necessary.

If you are trying to quit smoking, when selecting a flavor, it is recommended to purchase a pack that has similarities to your regular cigarette flavor. The traditional or classic flavor is probably the best choice, or, if you smoked menthols, then purchase this flavor. A consumer may also wish to purchase a flavored pack that is new and interesting just to try something different. All brands have a variety of flavors from cherry to coffee. I have found the Turkish flavor offered by VaporSmiths to be a great alternative.

Step Four - Choosing Your E-Cigarette Accessories

I recommend having the basic accessories for your new e cigarette purchase. Having a carrying case is helpful for carrying your E-cigarette implements, but it is also kind of weird looking, so use your own judgement. The case holds extra batteries and when the E-cigarette is not in use, the case may be neatly stored. The case also prevents the E-cigarette from being lost. Some brands even have a case that looks exactly like a smoking cigarette pack. Pretty cool stuff!

The South Beach Smoke and Blue Cigs companies offer specialized carrying cases that will charge batteries while on the go. Consumers have the ability to charge a battery anytime, and can also store batteries in a compartment that is about the size of a regular pack of cigarettes. also offers other accessories to complement your E-cigarette, such as T-shirts, coffee mugs and caps.

Step Five - Shipping Procedures

All of the top-ranked brands I have reviewed have excellent customer service satisfaction metrics. The customer service department is always available to answer any question about a specific order or shipping. Most companies offer a 30-day money back guarantee if not completely satisfied. Next dat shipping is usually a must if you are in need of you fresh cartomizers quickly.